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The AgroCola Association

The AgroCola Association is an independent, not-for -profit membership organisation governed by the AgroCola Association Council.


As a farmer-owned cooperative, AgroCola Association will advocate tirelessly on behalf of members at various levels by actively engaging in issues of importance to the agricultural industry, especially as they affect the youth. The association will share experiences with audiences who may understand how the youth can engage in agriculture and the impact they can make in agriculture.
It is also the AgroCola association's role to work with internal and external stakeholders in order to identify public policy issues important to AgroCola Association, AgroCola Corporate and its members.
It is charged with developing, advocating for, and managing AgroCola’s policy positions before state and federal elected officials and agencies.
It builds AgroCola’s brand image, presence, and political capital to actively engage in policy discussions.
The AgroCola Association works to facilitate the operations of AgroCola and collaborates with all stakeholders for the promotion, expansion, and development of the platform. The association makes decisions that guide the governance of all AgroCola initiatives to help make the AgroCola mission a reality.


The AgroCola Association is made up of diverse stakeholders and independent members. The stakeholders comprise of AgroCola Corporate, Association, Financial Service Providers, Input Suppliers, Insurance Providers, and Off takers. The association’s governing council is made up of a representative from each of these stakeholder categories. Part of the association’s directives is to expand the membership of the association to businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and multilateral organisations over time.


Fostering an open community of empowered young Nigerians leveraging on Agricultural best practices to provide innovative solutions to some of Nigeria’s social and economic challenges.


Growing to expand the AgroCola platform and extend membership of the Associations Council to businesses, nonprofit and multilateral organisations.


Providing a secure space for every player in the AgroCola ecosystem to thrive.

Policies and Resolutions

Periodically, the AgroCola Association Council will review and approve a set of policies and resolutions that will guide the direction of AgroCola’s legislature and the Association's leadership. The official Policies and Resolutions document is drafted by the members of the AgroCola Council and is focused on issues that have direct impact on the AgroCola membership, association, enterprise, agriculture, and agribusiness.

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