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Financial Inclusion

AgroCola will drive the financial inclusion of the youth in agriculture and the rural economy by developing a last-mile financial services brand to be called “Cola”. Cola will support an integrated last-mile financial services deployment, especially for agriculture at the smallholder segment in the rural economy.

Agency Banking

Agency banking deployment through agents that will originate from AgroCola farmers and business participants. The agents will target efficiently through activity and location data.
Deepening financial services to over 8 million jobholders that will be created around the AgroCola deployment by providing them with accounts, deposit, withdrawal, payment, and savings using digital channels.


Electronic payment will be layered on all interactions between business participants in the AgroCola ecosystem creating quick B2B and B2C settlement and payments especially in the rural economy using the Cola branded debit and prepaid cards.


Data supported credit rating and cross-offering of financial services such as insurance and consumer credit.