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The AgroCola Experience

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What is AgroCola?

AgroCola is a youth-focused Agricultural platform designed to equip Nigerians with digitized agricultural and financial support to provide homegrown supply for the increasing demand for food. It seeks to galvanize massive youth participation in all agricultural value chains while leveraging on digital technology.

Is AgroCola government Owned?


Who owns AgroCola?

The AgroCola Association is a farmer and agribusiness owned cooperative and all participants are welcome to be part of the ownership.
The AgroCola Enterprise is a private entity partly owned by the AgroCola Association.

Why AgroCola?

AgroCola is creating opportunities for Nigeria’s youth to participate productively and profitably in Nigeria’s agricultural sector. It further opens them to multiplier benefits such as financial inclusion, knowledge, health insurance, and pension. We provide detailed support, guarantee, and social safety net that allow participants to focus on giving their best in the one sector where Nigeria has the most potential to lead the world in – Agriculture. More so, you can make the best of it on just your smartphone.

Do I need to own a piece of land before I can join?

No. AgroCola engages with state governments to ensure land is made available for farming to interested young persons.

Do I need to farm to participate in AgroCola?

You don’t have to farm when you join AgroCola. We support the youth to participate in other areas of agriculture such as input retail, produce aggregation, logistics, warehousing, extension agency, and financial services agency as we create a well-integrated value chain powered by millions of youths and supported by technology.

How do I sell off my produce?

We have created linkages between farmers and offtake entities in the milling and manufacturing areas thereby guaranteeing offtake of your produce and economic benefits to you. Also, our partners work towards unlocking the wider international market for easy and guaranteed produce offtake.

Is AgroCola available now?

You can register now to be one of the first participants of AgroCola.

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