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An Overview

Joining the AgroCola platform is easy. AgroCola provides digitized interactions between stakeholders and commercial players in the agricultural value chains.

The AgroCola Ecosystem


Registration for farmer and farm profile (consideration for elements such as soil nutrients level and crop). ADAP validates farmer and farm authenticity and calculates production requirement and EoP.

Financial Institution

ADAP submits EoP to Financial institution to accept or reject the financing of EoP . On acceptance, funds EoP and provides funds to input supplier. Payment is settled within the Cola payment system.

Input Supplier

Provides input based on funding approval from Financial Institution. Notifies Logistics provider on the readiness for input to be transported to farmer. Payment is settled within the Cola payment system.

Agronomy and Extension Management

Farmer receives inputs; cultivates and uses ADAP for agronomy, extension; management and reporting. ADAP analysis further input requirement and yield and make information available to input supplier for supply planning and produce off-taker for offtake planning and commitment.

Logistics Provider

Moves input from the input supplier, delivers to farmers while supporting waybill management, insurance and security of input, and documents supply. Payment is settled within the Cola payment system.

Produce Offtaker

The offtaker receives predicted yield notification from farms based on linked farms agronomy and cultivation data. The offtaker also commits to offtake crop with consideration for quantity and price. In addition, the off-taker notifies Logistics provider on produce to be moved from farm to receiving facility. Payment is settled within the Cola payment system.

Integration; Data and Analytics

All interacting areas are mostly automated and integrated with all primary and third party providers. Activity data will be generated at every point of service and production and this forms the basis for all interacting transactions in the ecosystem. Analytics; dashboards and reports will be provided to support all activities, evaluations, and decisions.

Other Services

Other services such as insurance; HMO and Pension are linked to farmers and agribusiness profiles for service guarantee. Payments for other services are settled within the Cola payment system at predetermined times.