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Innovation, Research, and Knowledge


The intersection of youth and digital technology holds the promise of unlocking exponential innovation in several areas of agriculture as seen in tech and youth driven innovative participation in other sectors of Nigeria’s economy such as music, retail, transportation, and logistics. Utilizing AgroCola’s aggregate activity, financial and location data will support democratized innovation in profitably solving problems such as sub-optimal yield, post-harvest loss, logistics, and financial exclusion in agriculture and the rural economy.
The AgroCola Digital Agricultural Platform will be open to developers to create further innovative solutions that can link to the millions of participants on the platform to further deliver increased value, efficiency, and productivity in the supported value chains.


Research and development are crucial in the continuous improvement of outcomes in both agricultural production and the sociology of the productive participation of youth in Agriculture. From its extension and management outlook, AgroCola will develop a network of world class digital labs located in 5 universities across Nigeria. These labs will be resourced mainly by young university students to support data-based research – transforming data collected from AgroCola’s field operations into data-driven methods of improving youth participation and better outcomes using digital technology in agronomy, extension, animal husbandry, storage/post-harvest management, logistics, and microfinance in agricultural value chains.

Knowledge Transfer

One of the most important responsibilities of AgroCola is to transfer important agricultural, production, and management skills to its young beneficiaries and other participating stakeholders. AgroCola will pursue knowledge and skills-transfer using digital platforms and mobile e-learning capabilities; electronic and social channels; physical engagement; and extension contacting channels in the following areas:
Agriculture production best practice
Farm and agribusiness management
Leadership and responsible citizenship