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AgroCola Partners

We work closely with the best brands and organizations to deliver top quality services and products.

Establishing partnerships with relevant collaborators will support Agrocola in the development of capabilities that will enhance the processes and outcomes.
The existing partnerships with AgroCola are categorised into several deployment parameters which includes Technology, the value chain interactions, financial services, research and others required to aid the operational practices.


We collaborate with technological partners in order to support effectiveness in our agricultural practices and ensure these are implemented with standard digitized methods.

Input and Produce

Partnerships are required to ensure that input supply and distribution, produce quality assurance and climate impact forecasts which affects the agricultural production value chain are seamlessly implemented are at the core of our operational engagements. AgroCola will support access to customers and business for its input suppliers; support logistics to move input from store to farm and support payments.

Financial services

Our financial services partners will provide financial services to the AgroCola participants.

Research and Knowledge

Our knowledge and research partners will support our work in the research and development of knowledge for the enhancement of digital agriculture and youth participation in agriculture.