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AgroCola’s Digital Agricultural platform (ADAP)

Profile Creation

ADAP will provide support for self and remote farmer and farm registration and onboarding with multi-level identity management, data quality and authenticity verification, integration to third-party systems such as payment providers and financial institutions.
The robust AgroCola easy to use and secure platform guarantees that farmers, agribusinesses and other value chain participants easily join to access production support, while guaranteeing the authenticity of participants and their services.


Business categories such as input suppliers; produce off takers; mills; logistics providers; mechanization providers; labour providers and individuals will be able to self-register and onboard their services and inventory on the AgroCola platform through a multi-level customer and vendor management system which has capacities for authenticity verification; inventory management; complimentary services facilitation; payments and integrations to third party systems such as payment providers and financial institutions.
Activities and orders are automatically generated and matched to vendors; service providers or off takers using parameters such as availability, proximity, capacity to deliver, lead delivery time; price and available logistics all using business profiles and data generated on the platform.

Input and Produce

The AgroCola technology and system provides easy and on time delivery and distribution of inputs to farmers through technology aided decentralization and logistics support.
It ensures the right amount of inputs are allocated to each farmer by automatically computing input requirements based on the captured land size and soil type analyzed during farmer profile creation.
The platform also aids easy participation of business owned by young people in other value chain areas such as input supply, produce off-take, financial services and logistics.

Support, Monitoring and Advisory

With the use of digitized agronomy and extension body of knowledge tailored to individual farmers’ situation, to support their peculiar practices and requirements, farmers will be guided on best practices for optimal yield quality and quantity. AgroCola will also provide enhanced tools and methods of practice; disease and pest management; climate forecasts and management; yield prediction and issue resolution.
By doing this, the platform deploys quick and updated information and knowledge for best agricultural practices; situational awareness; monitoring and evaluation.
The effectiveness of digitized agronomy, extension and other agricultural practices employed in production aids positive outcomes during produce harvest.


Logistics is important to agricultural production as input and produce must be moved to where they are required on time. Using data and technology, AgroCola provides opportunity for logistics providers to participate efficiently in the agricultural value chains while giving effective; on time and in full logistics services to farmers, input suppliers and produce off taker.

Harvest Validation

The predictive capability of ADAP helps to predict yield and quality of expected harvests, this helps produce off-takers to plan their supply chain properly and support proper planning around other value chain support areas such as logistics.
ADAP also updates farmers’ production at harvest, thereby giving our users an end-to-end view of their activities and achievements.

Business Management

AgroCola puts business management tools in the hands of the participants to enable proper management and tracking of their performance. Activity data from their farming or agribusinesses will feed into business management and enterprise resource planning tools to support bookkeeping, budgeting, cash flow management, profit and loss and good business practice knowledge. This will provide optimal business management, situational awareness and reports to AgroCola participants and stakeholders on the health and performance of their enterprises.

Data and Analytics

Data-driven decision support analytics is provided for policymaking, planning, inbound and outbound supply chain management, yield prediction, vegetative situation awareness, and expanded economic activities.
AgroCola’s ADAP’s dashboards and reporting interfaces provide easy to read and understandable information that is designed to deliver the specific reporting needs of its users such as farmers, input suppliers, off-takers, logistics partners or other relevant stakeholders.