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AgroCola will bring financial benefits to the young ones of Nigeria that participate in 5 possible categories of the ecosystem. Benefits of AgroCola are designed to be better than competing alternatives where the participants will always win.

For the youth

AgroCola will provide productive engagement for over 10 million youths in the short term by creating a platform that will allow them to earn, grow and thrive in different areas and dimensions of the economy with agriculture as a pivot.

The youth are better positioned to achieve multiple farming cycles per annum as they will adopt technology, digital agricultural support and market access capabilities that will improve farmgate production value to N1.6 trillion and total value chain production to about 9.6 trillion per annum. These productivity numbers translate to about 960 thousand Naira per capita-and poised to grow as the youth expand their hectarage and businesses.

For the economy

We believe that if 2 million educated young farmers are engaged to cultivate 2 million hectares across grain value chains, 8 million jobs and up to 16m Metric Tons (MT) of grains at 1.6 trillion Naira farmgate value and 9.6 trillion Naira total value productivity could be produced by the youths per annum.

For the people

An increase in agricultural production through the efforts of AgroCola will increase food supply, which increases access to the right nutrition at the right price thereby translating to food security for the people.