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Opportunity For All

For whatever sector of agriculture you intend to venture into, there is an opportunity for you.

The Digitized Farmers

With a digitized self-service; secure and stable technology platform, young and driven individuals that desire to engage in agricultural production and agribusiness will have easy access to funding; efficient input markets; agronomy and extension; agricultural risk management; profitable produce offtake; efficient logistics and data aided decision making tools to help improve their productivity and financial situation.
AgroCola Digitized Agriculture platform delivers digitized and integrated support and advisory in the major areas of agricultural production such as farming; input supply; produce offtake; logistics; financial services and markets.

The Input Suppliers

We understand the important role of input suppliers in the agricultural production chain, therefore, retail agricultural input suppliers will be available on the AgroCola platform. They will have access to customers and logistics support using data generated from farming practices; location and logistics providers.
On the AgroCola ADAP, a combination of digitized farm and farmer profile; agronomy and extension services data ensures that the right type and quantity of inputs are allocated to each farmer by automatically computing input requirement based on elements such as crop, land size and vegetative situation.
AgroCola will support access customers and business for its input suppliers; support logistics to move input from store to farm and support payments.

The Off-takers

We will also effectively map off-takers with produce availability, thereby creating a steady stream of market for farmers to sell their produce and off takers to source their agricultural produce requirements.
AgroCola ADAP platform will use the data generated from farmers production and requirement of off takers to efficiently match agricultural produce demand to supply; logistics and payment in an integrated loop of activities.

The Logistics Providers

The space and time between availability of input; production on the farm and readiness of produce off-take requires logistics such as transportation and storage.
Using production and profile data from farm and agribusinesses, AgroCola has integrated logistics into value chain interactions. Logistics providers are able to use digital technology to serve the logistics needs of farmers with precision. This reduces the incidence of post-harvest and pos losses, thereby improving the economic situation of participants.

The Policy Makers

Data and technology are at the center of our work and we put a premium on data and its analytics to deliver situational awareness and wisdom. Our work with data gives policy makers insight into elements that affect and support agricultural production and interactions between supporting areas in agricultural value chains.
AgroCola’s robust data collection and analytics capacity can help policy makers to measure impact of agricultural inventions and purpose efforts to areas that will guarantee most impact.

The Development Institutions

Development institutions that seek to deliver development and inclusion in youth engagement; agriculture; financial services and the rural economy will find a good partner in AgroCola.
Our capability and capacity to support developmental work such as data collection; demographic profiling; production support; last-mile participant contacting capacity and reporting with our technology platform will deliver results for the outlooks of development institutions.

The Financial institutions

AgroCola will support the sustainable participation of financial services providers in agriculture. The profile of the AgroCola participant, combined with integrated digitized production support; real-time situational awareness and generated prediction data enables financial services to plan, engage, monitor and recover investments better in agriculture.
AgroCola will create over 2 million new active and productive businesses; corporate customers and over 8 million active individual customers for banks and other financial institutions in 4 years to 2024.

The Social Insurance Providers

AgroCola will provide access to social insurance safety nets for its direct participants and jobholders thorough innovative models that relies on such elements as production data and flexible premium payment.

The following social insurance benefits will be provided to AgroCola participants at inception:
1. Health/Life Insurance: Health/life insurance to support participants’ access to healthcare so they can remain productive.
2. Pension for AgroCola participants and micro pension for AgroCola jobholders

We believe that social insurance safety nets will help participants focus on agricultural production with the confidence that their access to health care and future are secure.
We will support providers to reach an aggregation of pension and health insurance participants, collection of premium payment and disbursement of claims.